Let’s Take a Trip

“As the golden hue disappears behind the horizon, he wonders if life has ever been this wonderful. Perhaps someone is giving him a second chance to rebuild the family ranch….after all he is a viking  or is he? What’s in the past that he can’t remember? What happened that night in the casino? Who is behind that face, the fleeting memory?”

Remember that book – the one that took over every spare moment that you had – your constant companion. What a great ‘addiction’, OK !! so you don’t agree to my using the word but you know am right. Well BOOK LOVERS,  there is a place out there to share your passion and stay true to the calling. Like a kid in candy store, “goodreads” is the haven for books from all spheres of life. The place where those graced with that extra writer’s chromosome create captivating imaginations that we love to be drawn into frequently. The novels we so love to hate because that emotional entanglement is hard to let go until we see “Coming out next fall.” A labyrinth of  good reads and sharing with others your picks and reviews makes this social media site the go to place for “time out.”  Check out my next blog for the ‘how to’s of goodreads.’

“The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.” Mark Twain