act one scene one

Setting – modern-day epic brown-stoned building, sliding glass doors. Inside are sections with things to do. The famous café in the middle, tables and chairs in a semi-circle.

Plot – mission impossible one – to concentrate and focus…serious business, yet smell the sweet aroma of maybe Costa Rica??

Anyway I decided to do what all serious students do, No! most serious students do. Grab my laptop, (arrrrrggh) textbook, jump in my automobile and drive down to this place again. So I go in there and found that perfect niche I call “High Brains at Work, Don’t Disturb.”  I joined the club, plugged in my device and proceeded to accomplish my mission. Ohhh the aromas and occasional buzzing of that machine. I looked around and everyone has the CUP, I refuse to do it – not yet anyways. You can do this, I convince myself, after an hour and half temptation wins again. How did this happen? Well it was part of the plot, try to fulfill the need and then self-indulge. For a booklover, how do you enter Barnes & Nobles to study without walking the aisles?  Such pretense!!!!  So as the story goes I picked up my stuff, paid for one of those fancy-titled-aromas and went searching for the perfect corner.  Five hours and two intriguing novels later, it was time to face reality. Let’s see (1) work on laptop not done (2) self-indulgence perfectly executed ☺☺☺.

My story, I was “improving and strengthening my vocabulary” yep and am sticking with it. I mean what professor would not appreciate such flamboyant reasoning…. Umm ummm still searching.  The books were free, characters to die for, some other exciting world I wanna be in to solve mysteries. So soon have to go home and finish that project. As for my story, I still hold firmly to it-improving and strengthening my vocabulary.



Who Reads Anymore

Is reading for kids, old people or when that professor intrudes your social life and makes you read his text book for a brain racking exams.  Not necessarily i think, walk into Barnes and Nobles and you will be surprised at the generations of readers. Sometimes it’s a break from work, school, family and anything that nips at your peace of mind. Yet technology seems to win, time spent on social media sites and commenting on stuff. Maybe am looking for a period or season where holding a paperback or two wasn’t so bad. My niece thinks Gen Y and Millennials  are not too much for the this idea of books and reading. Maybe or maybe not, but who is reading now.


Novels, Comics, Thrillers ect etc

Everyone has a style and preference, work out your emotions, be a hero or scare the heck out yourself. What’s your story? What’s a good read to you? Book lovers what do you say? I guess like food we all have different tastes buds, so bring recipe to the table and let’s share because you never know until you try. Don’t leave out the childhood memories, your favs, the ones that sung to you like a lullaby and makes you warm and fuzzy. The covers might be worn out from all that reading but who cares, once upon a time it was your best friend.

How LiL Kids Read

Reading_1_tnb (1)


The big bad wolf went thump thump thump, the kid screamed mommy mommy!! LIGHTS OUT!!!!  it’s bed time. Can’t finish my story, have to come up with a plan. Oh i got it, grab a flash light and stay quietly under the covers and no one will ever know. Reading a story full of fantasies is every child’s dream. Wild imaginations, heroes, cities, castles, horses and the unicorn. Dad gets to fix his stuff in his man’s cave, mom has her own thriller to read and everyone is happy or ? I bet that brings tears to your eyes, tears of joy because you were once a savvy reader, hiding in places and caves where your magic wand still awaits your return.

tech talk


So let’s talk technology, graphs and scales because Gartner’s Hype Cycle predicts Consumerization and Hyper Connectivity. Okay this is like the MIT guys trying to give a speech at a Bowling alley, we aren’t paying attention. Simple terms, technology trends that consumers easily adapt before governments, and everything connected to the internet. That was easy and quick.

Goodreads on the Hype Cycle is Consumerizm, as a business they use social technologies for specific functions which enhances their interactions with clients. As social technology continues to emerge and reinvent itself, consumers  find it easy to adapt. These future predictions places goodreads in a position to utilize as much technology as possible.


It’s another Cataloging – Shelfari & LibraryThing

shelfari logo

Books are full of hidden knowledge, experiences and information  why these other entrepreneurs have made it their mission to save them. Readers, book lovers, experienced and rookie authors have multiple places share and connect their passion. Shelfari and LibraryThing are competitors to Goodreads providing similar experiences and services to its members. From literature to academics these competitors provide access to millions of books to members  For LibraryThing, members can actually set up searches to The Library of Congress, (what is the hidden stuff-lawmakers). The millions of members amongst these social sharing sites keeps growing, proof that reading a good old thriller, romance or comic book is still very popular.