Who Reads Anymore

Is reading for kids, old people or when that professor intrudes your social life and makes you read his text book for a brain racking exams.  Not necessarily i think, walk into Barnes and Nobles and you will be surprised at the generations of readers. Sometimes it’s a break from work, school, family and anything that nips at your peace of mind. Yet technology seems to win, time spent on social media sites and commenting on stuff. Maybe am looking for a period or season where holding a paperback or two wasn’t so bad. My niece thinks Gen Y and Millennials  are not too much for the this idea of books and reading. Maybe or maybe not, but who is reading now.



2 thoughts on “Who Reads Anymore

  1. Two thoughts: One, I don’t think Gen Y’s read a lot, or hardly ever. Just part of the description, I suppose. 2. THEY TOTALLY SHOULD. No one else is doing it! People critiquing us for our bad grammar, inability to write on a business level; if we read more , we’d be way better writers!

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